About me

The idea of ​​creating MobiMassage was born as a result of my six years of professional experience and personal reflections related to massage therapy as an approach to the customer, and as a profession which I carried out working in recent years in the United Kingdom. The great amount of work, stress, everyday problems and unhealthy lifestyles - these factors overwhelm us and deprive us of energy and health. The pressures of modern lifestyles are increasingly reflected both in our mind and physical appearance. Once we have free time, it is not treated as an opportunity to focus on oneself and rest, but we immerse ourselves in another vortex of additional tasks. We forget how important our health and well-being is.

After graduating in Poland I travelled to London and there I began my adventure with massage, taking a job as a massage therapist. At that point I did not yet realise how huge an impact on my own life massage would have. For me personally, it is not only a great way to relax, but above all, a huge source of health benefits for our body.

I draw my energy from my customers, who, thanks to my help may continue to face the great challenges waiting for them every day with a smile and a feeling of satisfaction.

Regularly I care about my body being regenerated and rested regularly. You also should. Do not delay, start your adventure today with a way to soothe your body and soul.


Best regards,
Agnieszka Włodarczyk

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