About Me

  • My philosophy

    I am a professional massage therapist, with great passion and commitment to my work. I aim to ensure that by experiencing my services you will be provided with relaxation of body and soul and will also allow an escape from the troubles of everyday life.

  • MobiMassage promise

    Our mission at MobiMassage is to help people who struggle with sheer volume of work, stress and a lack of physical activity, who face problems arising from a “sedentary lifestyle”. I know perfectly well how to effectively deal with the pain, muscular problems and other symptoms of discomfort.

  • About me

    Agnieszka Wlodarczyk

    The idea of ​​creating MobiMassage was born as a result of my 6 years of professional experience and personal reflections related to massage therapy as an approach to the customer, and as a profession which I carried out working in recent years in the United Kingdom.



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