If we were to identify one of the most enjoyable methods of relaxation, we could certainly mention aromatherapy. A massage performed using oils rich in natural active ingredients allows muscles to warm up and improve blood circulation. Thus the flow of lymph in the body is increased and thereby frees our souls from the harmful effects of toxins and substances formed during metabolism.

In addition, aromatherapy helps to reduce swelling in the legs, cellulite, it slims and improves the condition and colour of the skin. Also significant is its positive function of levelling intense pain, muscle tension and nerves.

MobiMassage customers also appreciate aromatherapy due to the flow of relief for the soul and the body, which allows them to feel harmonius and detached from the stresses and problems of everyday life.

  • 60 min100 zł
  • 90 min130 zł
  • 120 min150 zł
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