Pregnancy Massage

The most common symptom afflicting pregnant women is acute pain in the lumbo-sacral spine region. Initially it results from excessive strain on the locomotor and muscle system, which leads to a reduction of muscle strength. The most effective way to combat this problem, in addition to yoga and physical activity, is a massage for pregnant women, which allows her to relax the muscles and relieve persistent pain.

In MobiMassage we provide our female patients a safe therapy fully adapted to the problems of pregnant women, in which the main task is to prevent painful areas developing, among others shoulders, neck, spine and lower limbs and joints. Massage during pregnancy allows the patient to unwind, become relaxed and not feel the negative effects of excessive stress. Furthermore, this treatment has a beneficial effect on the sleep and overall well-being of women.

Many people do not realise that a massage during pregnancy is an extremely important experience of benefit for the unborn child and attempts to provide it with a completely new form of stimulation, which is the human touch.

  • 60 min£ 50
  • 90 min£ 70
  • 120 min£ 90
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